Responsive Image Gallery Using Bootstrap

Images are an integral part of websites. Compelling and great images can bring visitors to your website, and exciting displays of such images (Gallery, Carousel and Slider) can keep them there. So i decided to create   a Twitter Bootstrap -powered image gallery which zooms in on mouse hover. And I also decided to make it my second pen on Codepen.

Visit my First Pen here.

Before copying this gallery to your html5 page please make sure to add bootstrap.css and bootstrap.js .

C# and it’s advantages over other programming languages

C# is a platform-independent, multi-paradigm, managed, type safe, object-oriented programming language.In this blog i tend to list advantages of C# over other programming languages such as C, C++ and Java.

 Advantages over C and C++

  • Compiled to an intermediate language (CIL) independently of the language it was developed or the target architecture and operating system
  • Automatic garbage collection
  • Pointers no longer needed (but optional)
  • Reflection capabilities
  • Don’t need to worry about header files “.h”
  • Definition of classes and functions can be done in any order
  • Declaration of functions and classes not needed
  • Unexciting circular dependencies
  • Classes can be defined within classes
  • There are no global functions or variables, everything belongs to a class
  • All the variables are initialized to their default values before being used (this is automatic by default but can be done manually using static constructors)
  • Non-boolean variables (integers, floats…) cannot be used as conditions. This is much more clean and less error prone
  • Applications can be executed within a restricted sandbox

 Advantages over C++ and java

  • Formalized concept of get-set methods, so the code becomes more legible
  • More clean events management (using delegates).

Advantages over java

  • Usually it is much more efficient than java and runs faster
  • It has more primitive types (value types), including unsigned numeric types
  • Indexers let you access objects as if they were arrays
  • Conditional compilation
  • Simplified multithreading
  • Operator overloading. It can make development a bit trickier but they are optional and sometimes very useful
  • (limited) use of pointers if you really need them, as when calling unmanaged (native) libraries which doesn’t run on top of the virtual machine (CLR)

Free Responsive Html5 Templates

HTML5 and CSS3, to offer the most eye-catching and innovative user experience, in addition to we could view almost all builders have started to write about totally free means with HTML5, CSS3.They are 100% responsive and promise to function perfectly on any device irrespective of screen size and interface.

In this blog we tend to refer you a listing of large free best responsive multi-purpose HTML5 and CSS3 templates for building your own website in your own way.



Twist is a free website template which you can download and use in your next projects. It is a one page template perfect for any type of startup websites. Packed with features such as smooth animation upon scrolling, Owl slider, jQuery Counter and many more. Download and share!

Swiftly Bootstrap Personal and Resume


A perfect choice for any freelancer, this free HTML website template has a convenient sidebar menu.  This feature will help your customers navigate through your website easily. Meanwhile the bright yellow call-to-actions will attract your site visitor’s eyes.

Startup – Free Onepage Startup/Business Template


Startup – is Responsive, Clean, Onepage & Free Business and Agency Template with all Impressive Business Components. Startup – is great choice for Online/Offline Business Startups, Portfolio and Agency sites.



Blend is a free HTML5 Bootstrap template for showcasing your photos in other words this is perfect for Photographers out there. It has 5 pages included in the download file such as about us, portfolio, single page for photos, and contact us page. This is built with the latest technology namely, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Sass. Download and share!

Single Page


This one-page freebie can become a starting point for a portfolio or CV website. Business and design agencies can make use of it as well. The pack was pre-loaded with all customization features and visual effects that you will need to impress the web community.



Epic is a free html5 bootstrap website template for showcasing your portfolio. This is good for personal website, either you are an illustrator, photographer, web designer this template is perfectly fit for you. See the demo and share!



Hold is a free html5 bootstrap template perfect for freelancers, creatives, web designer and developers alike to showcase their portfolio in an elegant way. This template has a smooth slick transition between pages and also it comes with black and white pre-made toggle style.


In-Demand Programming Languages

10). SQL

SQL is used by large companies to update or retrieve information from a database.Corporations with huge amounts of information within their database rely on those with an understanding of SQL to analyze that data to better understand their audience and help determine which directions to move in going forward.The language is widely regarded as the standard language for relational database management systems. Microsoft SQL Server database certifications have also been ranked among Best Database Certifications for the year 2015. WANTED Analytics has also ranked it among the three most in-demand skills for Big Data jobs.


9). Ruby on Rails

One of the easier langauages to learn, Ruby is next on the list. The language is heavily used for web programming. Mashable’s list ranks both Ruby and Ruby on Rails as incredibly powerful languages.Many top sites including Hulu, Twitter, Airbnb, and Groupon use Rails in building their web applications.



8). iOS/Swift

Swift is a programming language created by Apple for iOS. Through Swift you can create your own iPhone applications and release them on the App Store. This course is for those who hope to eventually build apps as a profession, and teaches students by building actual working apps — at increasing degrees of complexity.


7). Javascript

Despite the similarities in their name, Java and JavaScript are extremely different beasts to tame in the world of coding. JavaScript is primarily a scripting language used within HTML pages and is utilized by the majority of the websites you visit.Widely regarded as the language of the web, it is used to add interactivity to web pages. The language supports all major web browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.


6). PHP

Next on the list is PHP, the language which forms the backbone of many present-day content management systems including WordPress. The language regarded as an essential tool for building modern web applications was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.PHP code may be embedded into HTML code, or it can be used in combination with various web template systems, web content management system and web frameworks. PHP code is usually processed by a PHP interpreter implemented as a module in the web server or as a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) executable.


5). C#

C# (pronounce “See Sharp,” like the music note) is a C-variant programming language, meaning that much of the syntax and structure will help in learning other languages, such as C++ and Java. C# was developed and is still maintained by Microsoft.”You can use C# to create Windows client applications, XML Web services, distributed components, client-server applications, database applications, and much, much more. Visual C# provides an advanced code editor, convenient user interface designers, integrated debugger, and many other tools to make it easier to develop applications based on the C# language and the .NET Framework.”


4). Python

Python is a scripting language like JavaScript, but the two still have differences between them in terms of syntax and execution. Python is considered by many to be one of the more simple coding languages to learn, as it places less of an emphasis on syntax than other languages.According to a recent WANTED Analytics, demand for Python programming expertise increased 96.9% in big-data related positions in the last twelve months. Some of the top Big Data employers of 2014 are Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Teradata and Sabre.


3). C++

C++ is another C-variant language and is popular in some circles for game development, as well as at many large banking institutions.The language also figures in prominently in efinancialcareers’s survey. “Due to the high cost of moving to new technologies there will continue to be significant demand for those who can programme in languages compatible with the legacy environment,” says the survey quoting Gina Schiller, vice president at Jay Gaines & Company. The language has also been standardized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


2). C

C language is one other language that is needed for the coming year. It supports the structured programming and lexical variable.It is a general purpose language, it is considered as the go-to language for high-volume/high frequency trading. The C language is used to make the map of machine instructibles. It has replaced the former language used for coding assembly language. It is used in computers of all types and ranges like supercomputers. The language was developed by Dennis Richtie between 1969 and 1973. Since then it prevails in the world of computer languages .


1). Java

Topping the most popular programming languages list is Java. Java is seen as the programming language of choice for IoT, enterprise architecture, and cloud computing. The language has also been raked on top by efinancialcareers’s survey for most in-demand programming languages on Wall Street in 2015.he basic principle behind the language is to keep the developers at ease because it means to them “write once, run anywhere” (WORA). This refers that the Java language has no limitations because it can be run on any java compatible platform without recompiling it. The Java applications are special as they can run on any Java Virtual Machine by compiling it to byte code. Here the computer architecture is of no use. In the year 2015, Java was one of the most popular programming. It was considered highly valuable client-server web applications. It had a total of 9 million developers last year. The Java programming was introduced in 1955. The syntax of the language comes from C and C++.Java is also at the central of a patent battle between Google and Oracle. Oracle sued Google in 2010, claiming that Google had improperly incorporated parts of Java into Android.